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Wind swept wide arching paths
Wind swept wide arching paths through the sand and rock of the desert, obliterating all traces of life that had passed through. This was of no consequence to one such traveler, who wasn’t the kind to leave footprints anyway. She paused in front of a half-buried obelisk, eyes glinting from beneath her hood.
“Finally . . . after all these years . . .” The figure knelt down, sinking her clawed hands into the sand and scooping away more of the grains to reveal the writing on the structure. According to the glyphs, the box was buried here and she had but to unearth it to claim her prize. Eagerly she began to dig. Within moments, the black lid revealed itself and she clutched at it, slowly pulling it up from its indentation in the rock bed.
So intent was she on her task, Mirage didn’t sense the presence of another being observing her. At least, not until it spoke.
“Why hello there, kitten. Found your lost toy in the sand box?”
She hissed and whirled around
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MxS: Sands of Devotion ch. 2
"What exactly is going on here?" Aladdin asked, making Carpet fly him down to their level. Abu clambered up his leg, glaring suspiciously at Mozenrath.
"None of your concern, Aladdin," the wizard replied coldly, stepping in front of Sadira. "I am causing no trouble."
The answer wasn't enough for Aladdin. He tried looking over Mozenrath's shoulder at Sadira. "Are you alright? He hasn't harmed you?"
"As if I would ever! But I wouldn't think twice about harming you!" Mozenrath raised his gauntlet to fire a blast, but Sadira grabbed his arm and pulled it down. He winced at the action, but did not rebuke her.
"Mozenrath, don't hurt them. They're my friends," Sadira protested, and he looked at her in consternation.
"Them?! Why? You don't need them!" the young wizard scoffed. "You're powerful enough not to need mundane friends such as these."
"Hey! Who are you calling mundane!" Genie protested, indignantly puffing himself up.
Mozenrath ignored him utterly, taking her hand. "But you hav
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